AKC Note: BP announced in Q4 2015 that it was looking to sell the Decatur operation and, as an observer, it always seemed that Indorama was the logical buyer, and this announcement provides confirmation. The Indorama PET resin plant in Decatur is located adjacent to the BP plant and receives its PTA from the plant, accounting for a significant share of the BP production. BP has one remaining PTA plant in the U.S. at Cooper River, SC and the announcement indicates they will be making further investments at the site. Indorama has been on a remarkable growth by acquisition program across a range of activities. In their Q3 2015 financial report they stated that capital expenditure in 2015 would be $1.1 billion and in 2016 $1.3 billion, mainly on mergers and acquisitions. One of the 2015 acquisitions was of the Canadian PTA producer CEPSA. The PET resin and PTA markets in North America will undergo significant change in the mid-term future as M&G start up their Corpus Christi, TX complex with 1 million tons of PET resin and 1.2 million tons of PTA production.

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