AKC Note: The petition was filed in October 2018 and the preliminary indications are positive for Unifi and Nan Ya, although the actual penalties will not be announced until the end of December. Typically China has been the largest supplier of imported polyester DTY with 36% of all DTY imports in 2018, India accounted for 19%. With the threat of anti-dumping and CVD (as well as Trump tariffs)  imports from China YTD Sept 2019 dropped by 74% and India dropped by only 17%. Maybe Trump tariffs were seen as a greater threat? Overall imports YTD Sept 2019 dropped by a relatively low 11% over 2018 with large increases in supply from Thailand (+ 285%) Vietnam (+ 466%) and Turkey (+ 192%). Coming from a smaller base number Honduras shows an increase of 2,149% with a total of 587,000 lbs in the first 9 months of 2019.