AKC Note: Apologies for the delay in passing this on, but I was away for a pre Christmas break and was not able to send News Updates. Engineered Floors, under the leadership of Bob Shaw, has made great strides in the US carpet industry while most of the market has been battling the depressed housing market. Engineered Floors established a very efficient operation to produce solution dyed polyester carpet targeted primarily at the multifamily market (apartments, condos etc) where a relatively few base colors are required and replacement cycles tend to be much shorter than in single family housing. Polyester BCF with its low cost, good stain resistance and adequate performance was ideally suited to the market. With 3 new plants since late 2009, the latest of which is claimed to be the largest carpet plant in the world, Engineered Floors has shaken up the residential carpet market. They announced earlier in 2015 that their next expansion was to move into the carpet tile market, but no date has yet been released for this expansion. This latest announcement of a merger with J&J brings a well established commercial carpet supplier into co-operation with Engineered Floor. The article indicates that Bob Shaw will remain as Chairman of Engineered Floor and that J&J will be the commercial division of Engineered Floors.
Christmas Greetings to all and I wish you all a prosperous and fulfilling 2016, with plenty of interesting activity in our industry.
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