The Synthetic Yarn and Fabric Association is a non-profit association comprised of over 265 individual and corporate members affiliated with the synthetic yarn and fabric industry.  For over four decades we have served tirelessly as an advocate for the advancement our industry, the success of the distinguished companies we represent, and the education and careers of the individuals who support us.

SYFA members represent a wide variety of organizations including fiber producers, texturizers, staple yarn manufacturers, fabric producers for the apparel, automotive, upholstery, and industrial markets; raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, universities, and service providers related to the industry.


SYFA was founded in 1972 as the Textured Yarn Association of America to address the needs of a rapidly growing textured yarn industry.

In 2007 our name changed to the Synthetic Yarn and Fiber Association (SYFA) to reflect our focus on synthetic fiber through the final fabric supply chain. In 2016, we became the Synthetic Yarn and Fabric Association to encompass our representation of the supply chain through final fabric to finished, branded products.

Our name may have changed over the years but our commitment to our members is stronger than ever.

Our Mission

The SYFA mission is to support the production and continued advancement of synthetic yarns and fabrics through technology and education and to promote both existing and new uses for these quality materials. Through our conferences and other events, SYFA provides members with a valuable forum for networking, discussion and presentations related to the development of synthetic yarns and fabrics and their downstream applications, as well as to explore current trade issues to find new solutions to the challenges that face our industry.