Dumping allegations true according to ITC

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As many of you will know the PET resin producers, DAK, Nan Ya and M&G instigated an anti-dumping case against PET resin exporters in China, India, Oman and Canada in 2015. In addition to the anti-dumping claim there was also a claim of illegal government subsidies being provided to support the exporters. The US Department of [...]

Duvaltex of Quebec announces the acquisition of True Textiles:

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Read the article here... AKC Note:  Duvaltex of Quebec City was formerly known as Victor Group and is also the owner of Victor Textiles a leading producer of contract upholstery. The joining together with True Textiles within Duvaltex will establish thelargest manufacturer of commercial or contract interior fabrics in the U.S. and Canada. True Textiles is made [...]

Asheboro Elastics announce they are closing 1 of their plants in Asheboro, NC:

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Read the article here... AKC Note:  Asheboro is a leading supplier of narrow fabrics across a wide range of applications. The plant that is being closed was focused on military markets and with the downturn in military spending it can be understood that business has been poor and has resulted in this decision to close the [...]

Media reports that a new company is establishing a textile manufacturing presence in Lancaster, SC:

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Read article here... AKC Note: Looking at the company's web site the main product is a one piece "towel" in a bag which converts into a changing cover for the active individual; further products are on the way. The announcement indicates employment of 100 people within 5 years.    http://www.3iproducts.com/#!roomel-info/ckh1 Alasdair Carmichael Director - Americas PCI Group [...]

Various press and industry sources reported yesterday that BP has agreed to the sale of its PTA and PX complex in Decatur, AL to Indorama:

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Read article here... AKC Note: BP announced in Q4 2015 that it was looking to sell the Decatur operation and, as an observer, it always seemed that Indorama was the logical buyer, and this announcement provides confirmation. The Indorama PET resin plant in Decatur is located adjacent to the BP plant and receives its PTA from [...]

The following article from Dec 18th announces a merger between Engineered Floors and J&J Industries:

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 Read article here... AKC Note: Apologies for the delay in passing this on, but I was away for a pre Christmas break and was not able to send News Updates. Engineered Floors, under the leadership of Bob Shaw, has made great strides in the US carpet industry while most of the market has been battling the [...]

Polartec is closing its manufacturing operations in Lowell Mass, and that they will move manufacturing to the United Knitting facility in Cleveland Tennessee and to an existing Polartec facility in New Hampshire.

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 Read article here... AKC Note: Polartec bought United Knitting in Cleveland TN in September 2015. There was plenty of talk in the industry at the time, but there did not seem to be any official announcement. The new announcements indicate that manufacturing will move from LowelI to Cleveland but it is unclear if the Polartec headquarters [...]


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