Brawer Bros., Inc. (a New Jersey based company in operation since 1902) formally announced its activities underway to expand their North Carolina based conventional warping operations.  This expansion, in Whiteville, NC, is underway and will include up to 8 or 9 additional conventional warpers, including warehousing and distribution facilities.  The expansion is expected to be completed by the end of this year, 2014.  Brawer, and its affiliated companies of Warp Technologies, Inc. and New Generation Yarn Corporation have been in the extrusion/spinning and warping business in North Carolina for over 25 years.


As stated by the company’s CEO, Shartel (Skip) Smith, “this expansion will give Brawer added flexibility and capacity to service and react to its southern based customers needs more quickly and efficiently.”


AKC Note: The location in Whiteville, NC is a new one for Brawer and the plant will be under the Brawer Bros name.



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