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About SYFA

The Synthetic Yarn and Fabric Association is a non-profit association comprised of over 265 individual and corporate members in the United States and across the globe who are affiliated with the synthetic yarn, fiber and fabrics industry. We have served as an advocate for our industry, the success of the distinguished companies we represent, and the professional education of the individuals who support us.

SYFA Membership

Your SYFA membership assures you unprecedented access to networking events, opportunities for career advancement and updates on technological developments as well as information related to synthetic textiles. From manufacturing to distribution, finance and economics to marketing and business development—we are known for the breadth of knowledge and expertise of our members.

News Updates

SYFA brings you the latest news and perspective on the synthetic yarn, fiber and fabrics industry in the United States and Canada, and around the world. Industry insider Alasdair Carmichael brings you the latest happenings and important developments in the synthetic fiber sector, sharing his unique insights on industry events, manufacturing, trade, business and innovation.